1.2 - 2018/02/14

Release notes

MercuryApp.io has been updated with new features and bug fixes.

Added ability to set a target

If you have a target you want to reach (e.g. buy a house) you can now set a name and the amount of money needed and keep track of it. You can set your personal target right from your dashboard.

Updated line charts

The line charts have been changed and you're now able to select if you want to display the detail view charts in the corresponding coin color or default color.

Ability to disable the security key for AES encryption

Don't want to enter a security key everytime? You can now disable it and we'll encrypt your account data with a default security key. Keep in mind in terms of security this is not as safe as a personal security key.

Latest coins

The coins we've added lately are: ZenCash ($ZEN), Ambrosus ($AMB), Modum ($MOD), DigiByte ($DGB), ZCash ($ZEC) and Vechain ($VEN).

Support MercuryApp.io

If you like the app and would like to support it, donations are gladly appreciated and help to keep the service running and ad-free!





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